Motivation for Dancers and Performers

with Dr Peter Lovatt

Motivation for Dancers and Performers explores the WHY, WHAT & HOW of Motivation. Motivation forms the bedrock of any performer’s mental skills. Learning how to recognise and manage the why, what and how of motivation helps dancers perform at their highest level, from the studio to the stage. The content is delivered online by Dr Peter Lovatt through a series of videos and accompanying slides. Pause & Reflect activities and Active Learning exercises, presented by Lindsey Lovatt, are interleaved between the videos. The module includes a set of suggested reading and the Learning Outcomes are assessed by a Multiple-Choice Quiz (MCQ). Successful completion of the module leads to the award of five hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (CE/CPE) and a Certificate of Completion. The Movement in Practice Academy, and this module, are both accredited by CPD Standards.


Motivation for Dancers and Performers

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Motivation for Dancers and Performers

    • Welcome to Motivation for Dancers and Performers
    • How to use this course
    • Module Guide for Motivation for Dancers and Performers
    • Meet your Instructor
    • MiPA 104 vid 03 Lecture Aims
  • 2

    Motivation: Definition & Context

    • Motivation: Definition & Context
    • Download your Motivation Workbook
    • Pause & Reflect Activity: What Motivates you to Dance?
    • Dance Break - First Eight
  • 3

    Motivation: Theories & Experiences

    • Theories & Experiences - Maslow
    • Pause & Reflect Activity: Reflecting on your Hierarchy of Needs
    • Theories & Experiences - Self-determination Theory
    • Active Learning Exercise: Dance Motivation Questionnaire
    • Dance Break - Second Eight
  • 4


    • Goals
    • Active Learning Exercise: Dance-SMART
    • Dance Break - Third Eight
  • 5

    Managing your Motivation

    • Managing your Motivation: Part 1
    • Managing your Motivation: Part 2
    • Active Learning Exercise: Motivational Dance Imagery
    • Additional Reading on Dance and Motivation
  • 6

    Summary & Quiz

    • Lecture Summary
    • Dance Break - from the top & 5 6 7 8
    • Quiz
  • 7

    Student Evaluation

    • Student Evaluation


Motivation for Dancers and Performers